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Discover the Magic of Napa

Napa Valley has led the new world wine movement with some of the world’s most exquisite wines; with our Napa Valley wine tours, you can experience this exceptional region firsthand. The valley is perfectly nestled between dual mountain ranges that host the breathtaking vineyards of Napa. Seeing the first vines welcoming you into this magical valley is truly a sight to behold. With our guided tour, we strive to bring this special place’s unique flavors and enchanting atmosphere to life. As you explore the many diverse wineries and sample some of the best wines in California, you’ll have time for true relaxation and blissful enjoyment. Whether you’re a connoisseur, trying this for the first time, or simply passionate about experiencing something new, our Napa Valley wine tours offer an unforgettable experience.

What To Expect

A relaxing day of indulgence whilst enjoying some of the worlds finest wines produced in America. Take your taste buds on an adventure with one of our Napa Valley wine tours where you can enjoy an elegant day out among lush vineyards while sampling only the best! Napa is by far the pinnacle AVA of the American Wine Industry and with good reason. The lush rollings hills, unique geography and perfect weather combined with incredibly diverse terroir make for the perfect environment for the vines to thrive. With over 430 wineries to choose from, this is the heart of it all. 

The Best Locations

We love to take you to our favourite wineries the valley has to offer. A blend of boutique and the heavy hitters.

A Unique Experience

Never been wine tasting before? Don't worry!! No experience is required but we do promise you will have a great time and might learn a lil something too!

Knowledgable Guides

Our tour guides have a lot of experience with not just great wines but knowing how to share our knowledge whilst having a great time

Napa Wine Tour Itinerary

At NapSac Wine Tours, we understand that every wine lover has their own taste and style, and we’re here to cater to that uniqueness. Our curated wine tour itineraries are not one-size-fits-all but meticulously crafted to reflect your preferences. A glimpse of an example itinerary is provided below, but keep in mind this merely represents what we can create for you.

Stop #1 - The Journey Begins

We are happy to come and collect you from your house or hotel in the Sacramento area. If you live slightly outside then we are happy to make arrangements within reason and at our discretion. We can always arrange a further-a-field pick up for a small fee. Wherever we start... This is where the perfect day begins!

Napa Valley Wine Tours | NapSac Wine Tours (2)

Stop #2 - The First Winery

 From the flat lands of the Sacramento Valley, the roads suddenly start to roll over the hills as we arrive into the Napa Valley. You start to see the first vineyards and excitement is in the air. With much anticipation, we soon arrive at the first of 3 wineries to enjoy our first tasting of the day. This is often somewhere with a good variety of wines to warm your palate up and begin to relax into the day. 

Stop #3 - A light lunch

After the drive out and the first tasting under our belts, it's time for a light lunch. Napa has a few choice deli and lunch spots that are simply delightful. There are also some fantastic wineries to enjoy a picnic style lunch at too. Either way, it is pretty difficult to find bad food in Napa no matter where you go! Usually this is a game time decision on the day depending on how busy the valley is but don’t worry, we have it covered with a couple of secret spots up our sleeves too. Expect a gourmet light deli style lunch included in your tour price to keep you going that might just be one of the best picnic lunches you have ever had.

*We are also happy to go to a restaurant if you would prefer something more substantial but this option will not be included in your tour price.*

Stop #4 - The Heavy Hitter

The second winery stop is really where we want to bring it with some of the best wines Napa has to offer. This is the part of the day where we dive into some of those BIG and BOLD wines that showcase just why Napa is ranked amongst the best wines in the world. Your palate is warmed up and the day is in full swing, this is why you are here. Prepare to be wowed!

Winery | Napsac Wine Tours

Stop # 5 - Room with a View

We love rounding off the day at a few different choice places. These often include relaxing patios with a view and some softer, more supple wines. This is the last tasting of the day. Time permitting we are always happy to stay a bit longer to enjoy an extra glass if you want to!

Stop # 6 There and Back Again

After enjoying your day with us, you might be feeling a bit tipsy. This is also where the best value of the day comes in. Your ride home! No chance of a D.U.I. No mix ups getting lost. In fact, no worries at all! The ride back is often either filled with laughter and chatter of all the great wines we enjoyed, or the ideal time for a light snooze with the sun on your face as we ferry you home. We will get you back safe and sound with a ton of great memories and hopefully a few souvenirs too. If you have dinner reservations then we will also be happy to drop you off somewhere else. Just make sure to let us know in advance.

Design Your Wine Tour

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What Our Guests Have To Say

At NapSac Wine Tours, we aim to provide you with an unforgettable day of relaxation and enjoyment that you will remember for years to come. We strive to provide an unforgettable experience for all of our guests and take pride in our local knowledge, comfortable transportation, and warm hospitality. But don’t just take our word for it, read through some of the many testimonials from our satisfied guests. Join us on any of our tours and see for yourself why we’re the premier wine tour company in the Sacramento region.

Alex Seibert
Alex Seibert
Our group of gals had an amazing day out in Sonoma together. We were already there for the weekend but Paul was more than happy to pick us up from our house rental. I have been wine tasting in Sonoma a few times before and already know where we wanted to go. I just simply told Paul and he took care of the rest! No hassle, no fuss. We all had a super fun day out and loved the tour. This is definitely the guy you want!!!
Nico G
Nico G
Paul, the owner and our guide, was absolutely amazing. He went above and beyond to make sure our tour went without a hitch. If you’re looking to have a great day in Napa Valley and enjoy some amazing wine look no further.
Kerry Seabrook (Swell)
Kerry Seabrook (Swell)
What a great way to explore California’s wine country from Sacramento! My wife and I had been exploring the northern part of the state as we are from San Diego, when we thought about doing some wine tasting. After a quick search we found NapSac Wine Tours and gave them a call. We spoke with Paul (the owner) who was very friendly and really seemed to know the area. He arranged our tour for us and picked us up from where we were staying. Having a driver that knows the area and the best places to go was a huge help! I think we would have just ended up at the biggest tour trap wineries if we hadn’t booked through him. But instead we were treated to a super relaxing private tour and some exceptional wineries. Paul is a great guide and you can tell he loves what he does. Next time we are up this way, we will definitely be giving him a call. Thanks Paul!
Alaina Kaufman
Alaina Kaufman
We loved our wine tour with Paul. He took care of everything, making the experience smooth and easy….it was just as relaxing, if not more so, than a day at the spa, but with exceptional wine and gorgeous views. I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to explore the finest that Napa has to offer.
Austin Matkin
Austin Matkin
WOW! What can I say? A couple of friends and I were stuck in Sacramento for an old friends birthday. One of the girls who loves wine a little more than us convinced us to go wine tasting for they day and boy am I glad we went! Paul took care of everything and made sure we all had such a good time. The wines were surprisingly good. I didn’t even know that El Dorado had wineries but apparently they make some pretty good wine too hahahaha. Can’t recommend NapSac enough. If you ever get stuck in Sacramento, call Paul for the perfect escape!
Paul was great from start to finish. We had never been to Napa before and wanted to avoid large bus tours and crowded wineries. Paul put together a great plan for the day and we didn't have to worry about anything. We had originally planned to go on a different weekend, but had to cancel last minute. He rescheduled everything and was very understanding. We will definitely be going back and doing a Sonoma tour with Paul hopefully sometime later this year or next spring. Would highly recommend NapSac Wine Tours if you are looking for a very personalized experience so you can enjoy the day tasting great wine without having to worry about anything else.
Mike Sinkule
Mike Sinkule
Paul was phenomenal. He set up a great tour for us by doing a phone screening prior to our tour. The places he chose based off of what we wanted was spot on. He was extremely knowledgeable about the wines and Napa Valley. Since it was our first time there it was nice to have someone set everything up and take us everywhere, all we had to do was show up. A huge thank you to Napsac wine tours for making our day special.
Christian Spectral
Christian Spectral
Our decision to choose Napsac for our wine tour was easy once we realized the expertise of the owner Paul. The day’s adventure we embarked upon was efficiently planned and smoothly executed. Paul is a dashing host and very well connected to the local wineries. The planning was effortless, and made our trip so much less stressful to be able to rely on a well connected, trusted company. Every stop on the tour was a new experience, delicious wines, views, relaxing, and worthy of a visit and purchase for your collection of quality wines from the region. Of all the places we went, Round Pond estste winery stood out as a favorite. We had a blast with the other guests, and in the van enjoyed the conversation and even some of Paul’s jokes. I absolutely recommend NapSac wine tours, if you’re in the area, do not miss out. I only wish we lived close by to have the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful places and the impeccable wines more often. Cheers.
Andrew Bogle
Andrew Bogle
We had a terrific time on our tour. Paul was knowledgeable and affable and struck a terrific balance of being involved and informative while still giving us space to enjoy the experience. Great selection of wineries. Fun experience. I highly recommend NapSac Wine Tours.
Ross H (Hossrindman)
Ross H (Hossrindman)
My wife and I cannot recommend NapSac Wine Tours enough! We had an amazing experience. Paul and his team took care of the transportation from Sac to Napa, the reservations at 3 amazing wineries, lunch, and transportation back home. My wife and I just sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the amazing wine & food. Napa is not a place you can simply uber around and walk into wineries so we are thankful we had Paul take care of the planning / reservations. Further, Paul is more than simply a driver to get you there, he is very knowledgeable about wine and the specific wineries of Napa. We are so thankful we found NapSac Wine Tours and look forward to booking with them in the future.